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Doostang must be hurting

Or they wouldn’t have sent me three emails in the past week trying to get me to pay between $24.95 and $39.95 to have access to Doostang Premium, which they promise me will lead to “premium jobs” and “elite opportunities.” I am still so not at all attracted to using Doostang as a career networking/job search tool, not only for the reasons previously discussed here and here, but also because they seem to think that my idea of a premium job is either, and only, Alternative Assets Analyst or Private Equity Senior Associate. Not that there’s anything wrong with these jobs, but not only do they not interest me personally in any way (which my Doostang profile should tell them), but as someone who writes on careers in international affairs, I’ll admit I bristle at the Doostang notion that the only jobs worthy of the premium label are those in finance and/or corporate consulting.

Reader DivaDivine is also not impressed with Doostang and its Presumption of the Premium:

I joined Doostang almost 3 years ago and never paid it any attention. Back then, you could search and apply for jobs for free. Now, they’re charging a ridiculous sum to even find out which of their Elite companies are hiring. Give me a break. I’m canceling my membership TODAY.

Speaking of premium, if only we could all be unequivocally tall and premium dancers like Alex:

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  1. Lauren says:

    Ditto, DivaDivine. “The Best Team Doostang around” need to learn how to make their information useful, not just add to information overload.

    …although I might miss the copywriting: “Between Dow Jones disturbia and hip hop celebri-relationship disturbia… Remind us again what those problems were exactly when there was mo’ money?”…and if you bothered to scroll to the end (probably to find the unsubscribe information): “And if the world’s got you down, try this trusty hip hop standby from days past: Pop. Lock. Repeat.”

    Back to the networking events I go.

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