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My job hunt secret sauce is (apparently) at Doostang, ctd.

Reader GG doesn’t care for Doostang’s selectivity pitch:

I got the same email from Doostang. My guess is that they aren’t doing so hot. Like you, I created an account a few years ago, but never visited. When it comes to social networking, I’m not sure that ‘exclusivity’ is a good thing. I think it scares more people away than it attracts. Isn’t the whole point of networking to have a large, diverse group of contacts? I didn’t see that happening with Team Doostang.

GG spells out exactly why I think I’m more attracted to LinkedIn: less privileged, more diverse, more open—all of which makes it more likely you’ll forge a connection with someone you’d never have thought to forge a connection with, rather than hobnobbing with a crowd of people who are all exactly like you.

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  1. Eva says:

    Fine, but Doostang actually has job postings (some of which I haven’t seen on other sites) does LinkedIn post jobs? That’s the key..

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