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New resource: Jobs for Change

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Michael Kleinman at Humanitarian Relief introduces a new resource at, Jobs for Change, which he helpfully describes:

The goal is to help recruit a new generation of leaders into the nonprofit, government, and social enterprise sectors.

Jobs for Change includes not only job listings, but also career advisors and answers to frequently-asked job questions.

Brand new, but it already looks like a well-fleshed out site. Definitely check it out.

From his post on the launch of Jobs for Change, I share Michael’s thoughts that getting overseas isn’t easy and doesn’t always come right away and a job that doesn’t send you overseas isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it could be a building block that leads you to the job that does.  Also, be a nag:

As with almost everything, the key is persistence.  It took me almost a year to find my first job in the field; a year of unreturned emails and phone calls, not to mention a rather brutal number of rejections…Someone, somewhere, is always hiring.

[Thank to Michael for his plugs of Working World in this and other posts.]

Don’t forget too about Michael’s counterpart, Alanna Shaikh, at Global Health. Alanna reminds me that she posts every Wednesday about careers in, you guessed it, global health (and international development in general, too).