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Don’t sabotage your job search

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

CNN throws us a bone with 25 ways not to. These are solid, practical tips, many of which have been discussed here in some form (including, most recently, #7: the generic cover letter). Of particular interest:

#1—”Assuming you’ll never need to look for another job”: We tend to think that once we’ve gotten a job, it’s the end of something: the end of a search or a process. Which is true to some degree, but in reality your job search is never over: it’s a “continuous journey.” I don’t mean to suggest that you need to think about your departure as soon as you’ve landed a job, but it’s valuable to think about the progress of your career in an active way, even if you feel secure in your current job.

#16—”Thinking the interview starts and ends in a meeting room”: As Sherry says, “you’re always on.”

#24—”Assuming you got the job”: But also, assuming you didn’t get the job. You never know what’s taking them so long to get back to you, or what’s going into their decision making process. Have faith.

Hat tip: GG