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International work in Austin, Texas–the Alliance Abroad Group

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Another entry in my ongoing effort to showcase international work in non-coastal large cities. I met today with some colleagues from the State Department, as well as representatives from several Alliance members around the country, including the Council for International Education and Exchange in Portland, Maine (about whom I posted last week), as well as the Alliance Abroad Group in Austin, Texas.

My colleague from this other Alliance directs their J-1 Work and Travel programs (J-1 being the type of visa that approximately 175,000 young foreigners come to the United States on each year for four months at a stretch to work and travel)—in this role, not only is she immersed in international exchange on a daily basis, but she also gets to travel a good amount. Her most recent trips: Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, and Moldova. Not a bad deal—live in a vibrant city like Austin and work internationally.