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Flexibility and patience will help you weather the economic storm

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

My friend Geoff Gloeckler at BusinessWeek compares the difficulties the Class of 2009 is facing with those the endured by the Class of 2002. His focus is on MBA grads, but I think his overall message applies to international relations graduates too. And that message is a hopeful one: it may be a longer haul than you’d prefer or than other classes experienced, and you may have to consider that what seems like a less-than-ideal job now may actually be a stepping stone to that ideal job, but in the end, you’ll land on your feet:

If there’s one thing that members of the Class of 2002 agree on, it’s that graduating at a time of economic upheaval is, despite appearances, not the end of the world…

If the Class of 2009 is looking for rules for navigating a slumping economy, there’s really only one: There are no rules. Flexibility and patience will be rewarded in the end, but so too will a single-minded focus and jumping at the first opportunity that comes along. In the end, everyone must discover what works best—for themselves—and make their own way in an economically inhospitable world.