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Joining the Foreign Service at 50

That Lady There is applying to the Foreign Service at 50 because she’s “always wanted to… — (Doesn’t that sound trite?) — and now think it’s a wonderful time to do so.” She’s counting down the days until her Oral Assessment (the clock currently stands 69 days, 10 hours, 35 minutes, and three seconds—no two seconds—no one second…), a major hurdle for joining the Foreign Service that comes after the written exam and the submission of five personal essays. 

Follow her in her quest—or at least take a peak through her blog, especially if you’re in the process of applying to or considering the Foreign Service. Her real-time, learn-as-you-go thoughts and insights on the FSO application process seem immensely useful: How do you prepare best for the OA? (Practice and repetition, until it’s second nature); How do you overcome nerves at your OA? (Look at it as an interesting way to spend the day rather than a terrifying experience); Do men gain an advantage by wearing wingtips to their OA? (No, unless they really look good in wingtips).


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