Jul3020091:02 pm

Interview at International Affairs Forum

The good folks at the International Affairs Forum just posted their interview of Sherry and me in which we discuss careers in international affairs. Check it out, but more importantly check out the broad array of content all over the IA Forum site: more interviews with fascinating professionals, opinion pieces, essays, articles, etc.—all of this is great content that’ll broaden your knowledge of the international affairs field writ large. The Forum is an incredibly worthwhile place to spend some time, whether you’re in a job search or not.

Also, check out the Center for International Relations, the IA Forum’s parent organization. CIR’s goal, using the IA Forum as its primary tool, is to increase dialogue surrounding international affairs issues and to groom young leaders in the field. 

Many thanks to Dimitri Neos, CIR’s Executive Director, for taking the time to interview us and learn more about Working World.

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