Apr2320097:07 am

“Looks like crap? It is crap.”

Posting will be very light until next Monday, as I’ll be in Chicago visiting my high school friend Ryan, who with his wife Monica just had a beautiful baby boy, Gabe. Ryan is the only person I know with both a child and a kegerator, so it should be a good time….

In the meantime, this guy will teach you that, in life, nothing is more important than working 25 years to design a giant, pop-up business card with your face on it. “It doesn’t fit in a Rolodex because it doesn’t belong in a Rolodex”:


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2 Responses to ““Looks like crap? It is crap.””

  1. Ryan says:

    Few things segue quite so well with “It is crap” as a visit with us. By the way, do you have the ordering info for those excellent business cards?!

  2. Mo-ha-med says:

    … and if it doesn’t belong in a Rolodex, it belongs in the trash can.

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