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New grant equals new jobs at Sister Cities International

It’s a nasty, rainy morning here in DC (everyone on the Metro looks much crankier than usual), but even so, good news from Sister Cities International, which announced on Saturday that it was awarded a $7.5 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to launch a major program to support urban communities in Africa. From the SCI presser:

Sister Cities International’s new Africa program will leverage U.S. technical and professional expertise to address sanitation, health and water issues in urban areas of Africa. The program supports shared learning and implementation of best practices to help local African governments and community organizations acquire the tools and capabilities for successful urban planning and management. This includes involvement and support from the private sector, NGOs and community-based organizations to provide sustained technical assistance and community development strategies.

Sister Cities International will work closely with the Africa Global Sister Cities Foundation, a peer institution based in Accra, Ghana, to implement the program and build the African sister city network across the continent and globally.

And the best part, for those looking for jobs in international exchange: “To help us meet the expectations of the grant, we have posted new staff and consulting positions.” Four full-time positions, two internships, and a ton of volunteer opportunities around the country.


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