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Online discussion: Starting and building a nonprofit career

For those of you interested in international careers in the nonprofit sector (and a great many international exchange, education, and development orgs are nonprofits—both mine and Sherry’s orgs, the Alliance and NCIV, are nonprofits), Philanthropy Today is holding on online discussion next Tuesday, April 21, at 12:00 noon Eastern on starting and building a nonprofit career. Issues to be discussed:

How to land that first professional job. How can you stand out in a crowd of more experienced applicants? What should a college senior be doing now to prepare for a career in the nonprofit world? And how can people who have been working for a few years for charities and foundations make the most of their opportunities?

Pertinent questions for all job seekers, international or otherwise. The discussion is free and open to anyone. More information, and submit an early question, here.


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