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90 international organizations across the country

Sherry has been buried in work for the past month and a half preparing for the NCIV National Meeting, which kicked off tonight in DC with an entertaining presentation by Rick Steves, the globetrotting author of more than 30 bestselling guidebooks and the host of several public access TV and radio shows (I wrote about him after he spoke at Georgetown back in October). The NCIV conference is definitely a unique meeting of international relations professionals and volunteers from across the United States. The common thread that binds them all together is that each of their organizations hosts visitors from the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP). Yet many of NCIV’s 90 plus member organizations also have many other functions in the IR world: as World Affairs Councils, as Sister Cities members, as intercultural consultants, etc.

It’s often said that international organizations are only in New York, DC, LA, or San Francisco. And while many of them are, NCIV’s members prove that many, many communities throughout the U.S. are not only internationally engaged in a serious way, but also offer opportunities for jobs, and even careers, in international education, exchange, and development.

So check out NCIV’s member list and, if you live in or near one of these communities and are looking for a way to get more deeply involved in international activities but maybe don’t know how, contact the org in your area. They are the ideal partner to help you find out more about what is happening internationally in your community.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that Sherry and I will be giving a Working World presentation at the NCIV conference on Friday afternoon. Attendance is for registered participants only, but if you’re near 999 9th Street in Chinatown in DC around 3:45, I’m sure no one would mind if you slipped in…

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