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Friday, June 26th, 2009

Responding to my impression that the world of visas and immigration is chock full of lawyers, Lynn Shotwell, executive director of the American Council on International Personnel (and a lawyer herself), tells me that while she understands where my impression came from (a large number of presenters at their 2009 symposium were in fact lawyers), in reality, not even 25% of ACIP’s members are actually lawyers. The majority of those working on visa issues and immigration are typically HR professionals at corporations and international student and scholar services professionals at universities. Duly noted.

I think my point still stands, that there are a lot of lawyers doing this kind of work and that these issues seem particularly suited to the skills of lawyers. But I certainly appreciate Lynn’s clarification, if for no other reason than it’s important for job seekers out there to realize it’s not just the lawyers working on immigration and visa, but a lot of other folks as well. So if these issues are where you find yourself drawn, law degree or not, take a look—there’s a ton of important and interesting work being done.