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This probably won’t get you an interview

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

I’m a proponent of well-crafted, solid, specific cover letters. This, which I received as a blind job inquiry, is not one of them:

Dear Hiring Manager:

If you could design the next team member for your organization, would the following meet your toughest requirements?

  • A [well-known university] educated attorney with a proven record of success at responsible levels,
  • A counsel with a gift for pulling together rock solid answers serving the most demanding clients so well, they use them with confidence…and remember who gave them the resulting advantages, and
  • A leader who helps people elevate compliance and regulation from being burdens to becoming tools that help them succeed.

You’ve just read the Readers’ Digest version of my resume. You’ll find the details on the next pages and my pledge of value—three value added capabilities you’ll see me demonstrate from day one—right at the top of the first page. Backing them up are over a half dozen examples of problems solved.

However, words on paper are no substitute for hearing more about your special needs and the mission essential 2009-2010 goals of the organization.

I look forward to speaking with you in person.


Enthusiastic yet misguided job seeker