Dec420094:52 pm

Give it a ponder

When sending out any email or other type of communication during your job search, it never hurts to take your time and do it right, to, as the wonderfully strange James Lipton says, give it a ponder:

Lots more Lipton here. Of course, any Lipton reference inevitably brings us back to Will Ferrell and a scrumtralescent Alec Baldwin:

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One Response to “Give it a ponder”

  1. Jacob Gill says:

    Those are both really great videos, and I totally agree with the sentiments of this blog post and the funny texting commercial; think before you hit the send button. I find that when writing any kind of email that I think about who the receiver is and how I want them to process the information I’m trying to relay. This is very similar to something we discussed in a Communications class about dealing with, and taking into consideration, the type of public you are speaking to. When finding a job you could always take the time to put yourself in the employers shoes and “give it a ponder” from their perspective… do some tweaking, and then hit the send button.

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