Oct28200912:48 pm

Yes, I’m still here

Long overdue apologies, Dear Reader, for my recent absence from this lively space. I blame it partly on an extended, post-Mexico City hangover but mostly on the responsibilities of my real job here at the Alliance. The launch of our new website (check it out–it’s hot), our 2009 Board and Membership Meeting, as well as all sorts of exchange-related things going down in Congress and at State have kept me fairly occupied. I take it as a good sign—that I’m enjoying the work I’m doing—when throughout all the business, I hardly miss the things I’m neglecting (except, when I run out of clothes, clean laundry).

Anyhow, catch-up posts to come. Thanks for hanging around with me.

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One Response to “Yes, I’m still here”

  1. Michelle says:

    Good to hear things are going well with you. Your blog is very helpful in so many ways — academic, professional, personal interest…keep it up!


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