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The international in North Dakota, ctd.

Before I even had a chance to post on Monday about Sherry speaking on international careers in Minot, North Dakota, comments and emails started flooding in from the Minot High students who’d just heard her speak. They ended up in the comments sections of various, random posts, so I wanted to collect them here—not so much to give Sherry a big head (though I’m confident her talk was indeed excellent), but more to highlight the idea that young people all over the country, not just in coastal areas or big cities, can and should aspire to an internationally-oriented career. Now to the comments. First from Sarah:

Hey Sherry Mueller,
My Spanish 4 class just listened to your presentation today at Magic City Campus in Minot, ND. You more than likely would recognize me as the girl who did not look like she was paying attention at all during your presentation, but trust me, I was definitely listening. I really enjoyed the way you presented, it was very uplifting and fresh, and kept the attention of seniors who have a bad case of senioritis. Your story was very uplifting as well. You not knowing what you wanted to do with your life until you were older took a lot of pressure off of me. You see, I think I know what I want to do with my life, but of course I am not so sure right now. Hearing stories of people knowing and deciding what they were going to do with their life when they were in high school and then going on to either pursuit it and not be happy with it or changing their mind about a zillion times and still not finding what they want to do, has been scaring me and putting a lot of pressure on me. But hearing your story and seeing how much joy your profession brings you gave me more confidence and reassured me that it’s okay that I don’t know what to do yet. So thank you very much and from the bottom of my heart for that reassurance and confidence booster; it is much appreciated. And although, I don’t think I want to pursuit language in my future, your speech was very interesting to listen to and an eye opener. Thank you once again, and thank you for coming to little old Minot, ND :)

Then Wyatt:

Hello Sherry and Mark,

My name is Wyatt from Magic City Campus in Minot, North Dakota. I would like to thank you very much for giving your time to speak with my fellow classmates and me about what it takes to work in a foreign country. I was quite intrigued by the wide variety of careers that a person might be able to pursue while working internationally. Although you spoke with our group for nearly an hour, I didn’t believe it was near enough time for all of the questions I still have for you. I would like to say thanks again, and hearing more from you would be great.

Thank You,


And Mercedes:

Hi Sherry Mueller,

I just listened to you today ( 09/14/09) at Magic City Campus. I enjoyed your presentation. It was very enlightening and I wish we would have had more time because there are many questions I wanted to ask and many things I wanted to tell you about my trip to Argentina and how that trip has changed my mind. I have decided that I want to work internationally. It was nice to hear first hand from a person that has experience in working around the world. Thank you so much for coming, you have made me more excited to get into working. I have decided I want to work internationally as a pediatrician so I can help children and use the Spanish I’ve been so diligently learning for the past four years. Thank you again.

Sincerely Yours,


After the jump, a few more.

From Julia:

Sherry came to my school today and spoke about working world and the nonprofit organization she is head of. She inspired me to consider going abroad when deciding on a career choice. Some of her experiences that she mentioned sounded so fun. She really lived the culture, she became part of the culture when she visited places. That’s what I would like to do…experience other cultures. Her job sounds like such a big opportunity to see the world. Even while working, who knows maybe one could see the world in a different way while working. I think instead of worrying about the whole picture, one should think about the task at hand and take things one step at a time. I really enjoyed Sherry’s presentation and I hope to experience some of the places she got to experience.


hi, so i dont know where im supposed to blog about how the presentation was that Sherry gave to our school today, so im going to put it here! The presentation was awesome, i liked that she had so many cultural influences from everywhere she went and is making changes in peoples lives. my mother is from Honduras and i’ve always wanted to study abroad and study spanish and the lives of other people. This presentation today made me realize that i can do whatever i want if i just act on it. Thank you Sherry for an awesome presentation and coming to our school!!


Hello Sherry and Mark,

I am Calli from Minot High School in ND. I wanted to tell you how encouraging your visit with us this morning was. I am aspiring to teach English internationally in a Spanish-speaking community. Simply knowing that there are jobs out there and that it’s not just an unattainable dream is so helpful. I wasn’t one of the students lucky enough to win a copy of your book, however, I will be asking one of my classmates kindly if I can borrow it. I’m interested to know how international affairs work and to dive into the world as I finish my official education. The flame which previously existed inside of me has been rekindled by you. Thank you for taking the time to meet with the lowly foreign language students at MCC. =]

And last but not least, Alex S.:

Hi, I’m Alex and I attend Minot High School Magic City Campus in North Dakota. Earlier today, Sherry came and talked to our school’s 4th year foreign language classes. I really enjoyed the talk and thought that what she had to say was very interesting. I never realized that there were so many options for working in a different country and it really opened my eyes to the possibilities. I am now considering ways to incorporate my plans for the future of going into architecture and pairing it somehow with studying and using Spanish. I thank you for the advice of taking every opportunity to travel and learn about the world outside our United States and make the most of every experience you are apart of. Thanks again for coming to our school and I can’t wait to read your book.



Minot High Senior

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