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Beware job search firms promising more than they can deliver

The Times cautions job seekers (especially experienced, recently laid off job seekers) to be wary of forking over cash to job search firms who promise the moon. According to some, these firms won’t even give you for $8,000 what you can get on your alma mater career services site for free:

“Many employment services provide valuable help, but others misrepresent themselves and their services in an attempt to take your money,” said the Illinois attorney general, Lisa Madigan, who succeeded several years ago in having one career counseling company, Bernard Haldane Associates, banned from doing business in the state. “To find legitimate agencies for your needs, it’s critical to do your homework first.”

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One Response to “Beware job search firms promising more than they can deliver”

  1. Ruth Shapiro says:

    As a professional career counselor/coach for over 30 years, a founding member and Vice-President of the Career Counselors Consortium,, I do not promise jobs and charge exorbitant fees. My clients learn creative job hunting strategies to find their own jobs. When clients are considering a career change but are confused about the right direction, I start with the whole person. Together we look at interests, experience, skills, education, personality, accomplishments in life as well as paid work, and the satisfactions a person needs to make the chosen work more like play. For more information, I can be reached at 212.633.0270. Ruth Shapiro Associates.

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