Jul8200911:17 am

Relocate to sunny Baghdad

Word on the planned hiring surge of FSOs at the State Department is continuing to spread. LoHud.com (in New York’s Lower Hudson Valley) reports that potential relocation to Baghdad or Kabul looks a lot more appealing than it used to, because of ‘this economy’:

A hiring initiative called Diplomacy 3.0 now calls for the State Department to add 750 generalists and more than 500 specialists this fiscal year and a similar number next fiscal year. Most people apply to work in public diplomacy and politics; the agency is seeking more management, consular and economics officers.

Also of note from this article is the tidbit that State is not just looking for young applicants, but more experienced ones as well:

The State Department is trying to be more accommodating of older applicants. Many more people are joining in their 30s, Dry said. The peak age is about 30.

“We’re all interested in talented people who may be on the rebound from these other jobs,” he said.

No one will get rich being a diplomat, he warned, but said, “This is a time in the sun for the State Department.”


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