May5200911:09 am

Who still uses a phone?

My boss Michael emailed me yesterday saying he’d gotten the scoop on a bit of information that we’d been waiting to hear. I responded immediately saying, “Great to hear. Where’d you see that, out of curiosity?” I was, of course, expecting him to forward me a web link with the relevant information, a link that I’d somehow not yet come across. But his response, I’ll admit, kind of surprised me:

An old fashioned instrument—the telephone. Spoke with an old contact who filled me in.

I guess not everything comes streaming in via my Google reader. I responded: “Holy crap. I couldn’t even get my phone to work this morning…” (which was true—for whatever reason I was having a heckuva time getting my phone to give me an outside line). Michael felt vindicated in his “old-fashioned” approach:

There’s still a place for us old folks…

I agreed:

There’s still a lot to learn for us young ‘uns…

[The fact that this whole exchange took place via email despite the fact that we sit in adjoining offices not seven feet away calls for an entirely separate discussion....]


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