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The USG Guide to Blogging

Via Chris Blattman, the U.S. Government presents Your Guide to Managing…Blogs. I’m certainly prone to take things like this tongue-in-cheek, as Blattman does, but actually, it’s a fairly useful, if basic, guide to blogging. A particularly interesting point in light of yesterday’s discussion on the “dangers” of social networking:

When blogging, remember that the Web has a long memory. Do not publish any material on impulse. Ask these questions:

  • Who else might read it?
  • Supposing a prospective partner, stakeholder, or customer read it, what would they think?
  • Would you be willing to have it on the front page of the newspaper?
  • In what other ways might it be interpreted?

Although my favorite pointer:

Choose words that have as few syllables as possible.

Interweb users aren’t reading, we’re scanning. Keep it dumb, people.


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