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Four generations in the workplace

A friend who works in HR for a large association is organizing a training session looking at how to manage four generations in the workplace. One of the participants actually sent in the below with his RSVP.  I thought it was a particularly funny and apt way to characterize the stereotypical response from each generation:

Silent: Will be there at 14:00 hours prepared to identify opportunities to downsize costs.

Baby Boomer: Sounds great; we can combine it with a fun run and a community project.  However, we need to make sure that this is morally pure.

Generation X: Another requirement for my calendar.  I’ll be there, but I don’t get any reward for this extra work (as usual), and I’ll never have a decent standard of living.  We’re only starting to get respect, now that we are the 2/3 star flag officers.

Gen Y (Millenial): DUDE!  Sounds cool, and I will work it in between the company paid advanced computer training and my revision of my resume for my continuous job hunt.

[The Millenials might also organize an after-session cornhole tournament in the parking lot.]

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