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Should I stay or should I go now?

My friend from grad school, Susie Caramanica, makes some very worthwhile comments on this post exploring the tricky question for young professionals of how long we should look to stay in any particular job:

In regard to the dilemma, of course it all depends. Remember your dad comes from the generation (no offense, Mr. Overmann) where companies were more paternalistic and people felt a mutual relationship, and made a career with their long-time company. But I would say that in more recent years, people have often made their careers just as much by jumping to another job, rather than sticking it out. When I came out of undergrad, I had 3 jobs in about 4 years, and I got the same speeches. But I was trying to figure it out, and didn’t see the point of investing myself in something if (1) I was bored to death, (2) I had no long term interest in it / not motivated in the bigger scheme, and (3) I didn’t see it going anywhere.

Now that I’m at a different point in my life, there are a lot more factors, like flexibility in schedule, amount of travel, etc. Sometimes you have to go with your gut and seize those open door opportunities when you find them, even if it seems risky. You’re so young and should not be expected to have any job at this point be a career job yet. You’re just taking another step up on the escalator. One metaphor a mentor told me that I always remember is about the 3 legged stool and keeping on balance (you can balance on 2 out of 3, but not 1). I’m rambling but I hope you know what I mean…

I’m not totally sure I get the whole 3-legged stool situation, but we’ll give you a pass, Susie, since the rest of your comment was so good.

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