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Helping Immigrants Become “Upwardly Global”

I recently ran across Upwardly Global, a unique career site designed to help “highly-skilled immigrants, refugees, and asylees reclaim their careers here in the United States and help American employers discover and understand this hidden talent pool.” While I presume that most of the readers of this blog (all 12 of them) are American citizens looking for international jobs and to build international careers,* for all you non-American readers of Working World, Upwardly Global strikes me as a useful job hunting, networking, and cultural assimilation tool.

And for “established” American professionals working in any field (international relations or otherwise), Upwardly Global is looking for mentors and advisees who can help immigrants swim the waters of the American professional environment. Meet someone from somewhere else. Establish more professional contacts. Help someone with their career. Sounds like a good gig.

*I probably shouldn’t assume this, especially given the fields we’re talking about here, but anyway.

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