Dec4200812:19 pm

Lawyers head overseas

The New York Times reports that an ever-increasing number of lawyers are headed to places like Doha, Tokyo, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Hong Kong, and Dubai:

As applications pour into places like Dubai, American firms are stoking the attraction of overseas work by downsizing at home….

Mr. Ahluwalia, 30, grew up in Dubai, went to law school in Michigan and began his career in New York. Now, he says, he sees a big push from young lawyers hoping to find work in the Middle East. “Even kids currently in law school are coming by Dubai for jobs,” he says. “I met a very enthusiastic candidate from a Chicago law school in his second year who basically flew to Dubai for four days and actually cold-called and made visits to a bunch of firms.”

While many are headed abroad because work has dried up in the U.S., it seems that many others also see the value of experience abroad for their careers:

For some lawyers, looking abroad for work is also a chance to evolve personally as well as professionally — as long as they have the requisite skills to stand out in increasingly competitive markets.

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