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Expand your notion of the international

Franca Gargiulo, head of the international marketing and management firm Avenir Monde in Monterey, CA, makes an important comment on Sherry’s and my discussion on why it’s so hard to get a job in international affairs. Expand your view of what we typically, and perhaps too narrowly, think of as “international jobs,” Franca says:

My only thought on the comments of how to expand a job search is not to overlook the “non international” job in private industry. In many cases, sales and marketing positions at the junior level require much interaction with key customers, vendors, etc. and this will, de facto, include a huge global constituency. The title of the position may not say “international” but you can be sure that if you are acting as a program manager or coordinator, one will have a huge array of global exposure. This kind of experience in the private sector is worth its weight in gold and can be just as complelling as those jobs/positions with international organizations. The key is reading between the lines and asking questions about the position and the type of interaction one would be having in the role. So the message here — take a look at some hidden gems that might just have a description of “sales coordinator” as a title. Sales for any firm is 50% international!

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